Lesson #10: Stray Adoption is Rewarding

I know what you are thinking, who is the owner of this adorable dog? The answer is me. I am the lucky owner. Although Maggie (that’s her name) is happy now, she wasn’t always.

Maggie came into my home when she was only one year old. She was bait during dog fights so male dogs would become territorial and fight each other. She was shy, timid, and afraid of smooth floor surfaces (the fighting took place on concrete). Through love and time, she is now a loving dog who loves to howl, play, and take naps on her big plush bed. She will be turning 16 this April. The reason I am writing this article is to bring attention to the benefits of adopting a stray dog. Although having a pedigree dog is prestigious, there are some benefits to adopting a stray.

1. Strays are just as loving

Many strays come from destitute situations like Maggie. Although most likely, you are not raising them from birth, strays will still be able to build a relationship with you. There is often a stereotype that strays are vicious and aggressive but that is not always the case.

2. “Mutts” have fewer health problems

Different breeds have their specific health problems. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to cancer while others have breathing troubles their whole life (for an interesting read on canine health, click here). The interesting thing about mixed breeds is that they often have fewer health problems. Maggie is a Pitbull, German Shepard, and Lab mix. The only health problems that she has developed are Allergies and mild hip dysplasia, which is common in the German Shepard breed.

3. Training and cost are often minimal

Maggie was already potty trained, leash trained, and had all her shots when we adopted her. For young adults like myself who want to have a canine companion but do not have the time to train them, stray adoption is a good adoption. Sure we took her to more training at Petsmart. But, it was nice to know that instead of peeing in the house, she would gently wake me up. In many places, as in the case of Maggie, stray adoption costs less than $100.00. This cost included her current leash, color, shots, and, of course, the joy of her presence. Many shelters also offer adoption events (which I will discuss later) that advertise these advantages

4. Adoption Events

Major cities often have mass adoption events where adoption centers from all over bring their dogs for adoption. This is where I adopted Maggie. I was able to rub, play, walk, and discuss with the adoption center directors about Maggie and receive a personal history. I also was able to go to talks about caring for a dog. Many vendors ae invited to these events and offer discounted prices to people who just adopted a stray. Although the facilitator was sad to see Maggie go, I was even happier to bring this sweet dog into my home.

Stray adoption is a cause very close to my heart. If you are looking for a place to adopt a stray, The Humane Society of The United States is a good place to start.

Do you have a stray adoption story? Do you want to know more about Maggie(I mean who wouldn’t!)? Please comment below!




6 thoughts on “Lesson #10: Stray Adoption is Rewarding

  1. Sassy Jack's Niagara says:

    I love this! My boy is a former stray. He was found roaming the streets of Prince Edward Island and brought to the local humane society. I had originally applied to adopt a different dog, but a family who had been quicker on the draw adopted her. They approved my paperwork so that in the future I’d be able to get a dog quicker. I was disappointed but hubby convinced me to go to the shelter to look at other dogs anyway. I’ll be honest I walked right past Jack’s kennel, as I often look for more energetic dogs. He had different plans though. He began barking like crazy, and upon over hearing the kennel attendants I found out he is normally super quiet. I curiously went back to his kennel and he calmed down instantly upon seeing me and started wagging his tail like crazy! He picked me, and he has been my best friend ever since! The best decision I ever made was bringing home this little fur ball!

    I also love a good adoption story, and rescue is very close to my heart as well. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to link my readers to your blog to hear of your success story 🙂


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