Knitty Kitty: The Answer to Cozy Sexy

Attention everyone, this post will mention the epic boob and sexiness troubles of sleeping! I am a girl that likes to sleep in a sports bra and shorts. I love the feeling of support the bra gives me but with the comfiness of the shorts. With this study saying that wearing bras can hinder breast development and this one saying not wearing a bra at night will make your breasts saggy, what is a girl to do?! Well after mentioning Knitty Kitty in numerous blog posts (1,2) I had the pleasure of trying them out. What I found in Knitty Kitty is “knitimates” (branded by Knitty Kitty) that I can wear comfortably to bed but also look sexy too.

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Back At OSO: A Style Lab-Why I Still Love It

Through an Influencer Event hosted by The Pink Snob, I was able to once again get a peak at OSO: A Style Lab in Saint Louis, MO where they always continue to bring it new and exciting items from all over the world and local designers in the Midwest. From fresh jewelry to writing utensils with history, OSO will always be ahead of the fashion curve.

Jump From Paper Bags pictured above

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