Knitty Kitty: The Answer to Cozy Sexy

Attention everyone, this post will mention the epic boob and sexiness troubles of sleeping! I am a girl that likes to sleep in a sports bra and shorts. I love the feeling of support the bra gives me but with the comfiness of the shorts. With this study saying that wearing bras can hinder breast development and this one saying not wearing a bra at night will make your breasts saggy, what is a girl to do?! Well after mentioning Knitty Kitty in numerous blog posts (1,2) I had the pleasure of trying them out. What I found in Knitty Kitty is “knitimates” (branded by Knitty Kitty) that I can wear comfortably to bed but also look sexy too.

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Company Basics (taken from

Name: Knitty Kitty


To knit clothing that is playful, sexy, and fun. We want women to be able to shop lingerie choices that are uniquely personal, yet fun to wear.


When you wear something knit you just feel good. If you feel good, you look sexy.

Where To Buy: Website or Etsy Store

Social Media:

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First Impressions

When first receiving my knitimates I was skeptical about how long this lingerie was going to last. I was also worried about how warm this was going to keep me at night because I get cold very easily. Thankfully all of my worries were pacified the first night I tried them on. Along with them being comfy and warm, they also come in a variety of patterns and styles. The slideshow above is from their new collection!

Who Is the Person Behind This Brand?

Besides being amazingly cozy, the story behind the creation of this brand gives me hope of turning a hobby into a business. Lisa Roberts is the prime example of this. Through making herself a knit bikini to wear on the river (she is an avid outdoorsmen), “she loved how it looked and felt so much that she wore it to bed. To her delight, her husband loved it.” Her line is truly everyday wear. You can wear it as pajamas, loungewear, or even under your clothes (think exposed knitted bralette–how cute is that?!)

Um, isn’t that a little–unhygienic?

Trust me, I thought about this too. But the underwear takes similar precautions as the ones you buy from anywhere else. So, there is no need to worry about hygiene.

So, how do these knitimates feel?

The best way that I can describe the underwear is almost a spandex knitted wear. It is actually 80% acrylic, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex. If mixed materials make you nervous I will tell you that once you put it on you will not be able to tell the difference. The spandex is perfect for finding that comfortable sizing limbo that a lot of women experience. While I ordered a small, next time I think I will order a medium for an extra comfy feel.

How do I take Care of my Knitimates?

Yes, these do require an extra bit of care when washing. The directions say to machine wash warm and lay flat to dry. This was not an inconvenience to me as I already let some of my clothes air dry. When washing your knitimates, be sure that there are no clothing items (such as bras) that have the potential to snag the material. This is knitwear so in the inside of the bra there are long strands that could be pulled.

Do They Just Sell Underwear?

No! They sell shorts, sweaters, tanks, and more. That’s right, you can go head to toe in comfortable knitwear if you want!

Why You Should Buy It

Everyone always is on the search for something that makes you feel sexy but is also comfortable to wear. While thongs and high waisted underwear do the trick at times, they rarely fulfill those two attributes. Knitty Kitty has created a unique brand that combines the comfort of that oversized knitted sweater and the sexiness of cheeky underwear into one product.




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