Lesson #35: Deep Conditioner is Not A Miracle Worker

Deep conditioning is often the one hair care step that people forget about. Many people religiously shampoo and condition and wonder why their hair is not improving. Well, I am here to tell you how deep conditioning is the step that you need in your hair routine and these are the things to remember while you do it.

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Knitty Kitty: The Answer to Cozy Sexy

Attention everyone, this post will mention the epic boob and sexiness troubles of sleeping! I am a girl that likes to sleep in a sports bra and shorts. I love the feeling of support the bra gives me but with the comfiness of the shorts. With this study saying that wearing bras can hinder breast development and this one saying not wearing a bra at night will make your breasts saggy, what is a girl to do?! Well after mentioning Knitty Kitty in numerous blog posts (1,2) I had the pleasure of trying them out. What I found in Knitty Kitty is “knitimates” (branded by Knitty Kitty) that I can wear comfortably to bed but also look sexy too.

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Lesson #33: You Need To Cook Meat To Learn How To Cook It

I recently decided to start to try and cook versus baking. I have cookies down to a science but one type of food has always been intimidating to me–meat. With different types of cuts, temperatures, and methods of cooking, sometimes it seems easier to just go ahead and head for takeout. I am here to tell you that nobody has perfectly cooked something the first time around. In order to learn how to cook meat, you have to go ahead and cook it.

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Lesson #32: Why Your Hair Porosity Is In Charge

You heat protect and deep condition, stay away from harmful chemicals, and your hair still is not the way you want it. I have personal experience on how this can be a frustrating process and I am here to tell you that not all is lost! Many people do not know about hair porosity and why it is the key to healthy hair. If you want your hair to be the envy of your friends, read below!

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I Am Back From Vacation!

After a few months of getting into the groove of school, Navigate Your Life is finally back to blogging! ¬†Please be sure to follow us on all of our social media so you don’t miss out on all of the fun!!

Do you have a topic that you would like me to write about? Please leave a comment below!