Fashion Trend: Linen, What It Is And Why It’s Special

Linen has made quite a commotion. It has been advertised as the new look in interior design and high fashion. Being used in pillows, hats, and dresses, many people may wonder what is so special about linen. I am here to educate you on why linen should make an appearance in your summer wardrobe.

What is Linen Made Out Of?

Linen, like cotton, is a natural fiber that is made from the flax plant. There are many flax-seed-1274944_1920products that you obtain from the flax plant such as flax seed, flax seed oil, and the fibers of the inner “bark” of the flax seed plant which we refer to as Linen. Linen has been found in ancient graves throughout the world and is considered one of the first durable fabrics.


What Color Is Linen?

Natural linen will produce traditional neutral tones such as tan, gray, or ivory. Linen may be dyed or bleached any color from a small variance from the natural color to a vibrant saturation.

Why Is Linen So Special?

  • Feel

Linen is one of those magic fabrics that age well. With every wear and every wash, the fabric becomes softer and adds to its comfort. This is why historically, linen has been used as the fabric for undergarments (lingerie is derived from the French word for linen”). Linen is able to hold moisture without the fabric sticking to your skin making it the perfect fabric for breezy shirts, dresses, pants, and skirts.

  • Strength And Hold

It will still be damaged when a string is caught, but in general, lined is a strong fabric thatbutterfly-1358845_1920 is able to keep its shape. That’s right, true linen will not shrink or alter with time. With ironing, linen will maintain a collar to a crisp precision. Since it is a light fabric and has little weight, one thing people find irritating about linen is that it has a tendency to crease easily. In my opinion, that is just the beauty of the fabric showing through. As long as your outfit doesn’t look like a bunched up piece of paper, a few wrinkles are natural.

  • Timeless

Linen has survived the centuries and has never gone out of style, even if you haven’t heard of it as a popular fabric until now. Linen couches, pillows, handbags, and even coin purses have been around and have stayed in fashion. Like the fit and flare dress or the classic high heel, Linen has maintained its place in fabric royalty and is not giving up its throne anytime soon.

Why You Should Try It

Whether a statement piece or an accessory, linen adds a touch of casual elegance. Adding sophistication with heels or a rocker vibe with boots, linen is a versatile statement piece that can be worn for many years. Not sure where to start? In my opinion, try neutral colored linen plants. They are versatile, breezy, easy to pair with tops, and come in a variety of styles. With linen pants, you can wear them from Spring to Fall as long as you are warm enough!

Want to see more fashion analysis? Do you have an opinion on fashion fabrics? Please leave a comment and follow!




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