4 Strategies of Starting A Conversation When You Are Alone

Sometimes you need to fly solo when going somewhere. A waiting room, the store, an obscure artist’sband concert–all of these situations are awkward when you don’t know anyone. I like to describe myself as a shy extrovert and these situations are often uncomfortable, but can be easily overcome. I am here to share with you the strategies I use to start a conversation, anywhere that I am.
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Many Shoes For The Price Of One, Alterre Shoes Changing The Game

You have packed all your clothes and created your outfits for your trip. But, with all the shoes you want to bring, you realize that your suitcase is not bottomless. A new company on the shoe scene, Alterre Shoes is making the shoe packing problem all but disappear. Using the term 21-in-one-shoe, Alterre provides options whether you are going on a trip or changing those work time shoes to happy hour fun.

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Yoga Buzz: Taking The Fear Out Of Yoga

Magazines, health gurus, and your distant uncle always tell you about the benefits of yoga. With the ability to tighten, stretch, and tone every part of your body, yoga is as healthy as it is relaxing. However, many of us who want to try yoga don’t know what we are doing, how to start, or are self-conscious about our own bodies to even attempt yoga in a group. Yoga Buzz, a non-profit Saint Louis company, is changing all that. While teaching you the basics, ¬†Yoga Buzz promotes positive body image and community engagement in each session.
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How To Get Glowing Legs in 30 Seconds

You all know by now that I am a huge fan of organic products. With shorts weather coming up, my legs need a little TLC in regards to exfoliation. I was sent the Smoothing Body Scrub from Tata Harper to refresh my dull winter skin. This body scrub makes my legs (and my whole body) soft and smooth while also being free of synthetics, artificial fragrances, fillers, GMOs, and gluten. Oh, and it smells like a field of flowers. Continue reading