Organic Tooth Powder-The Ancient Sea Salt Secret

We all want white teeth, and if someone says different then I am not sure I entirely trust that person. With all the options for toothpaste on the shelves with whitening this, healthy gums that, it makes you think,” What is the difference between them?”. Well, one thing I can tell you is different with Nothing But Natural’s toothpaste–it’s an organic powder.

The Product and Company Basics

Nothing But Natural

Name: Cleansing Tooth Powder

Price: $4.00-$12.00 (depending on the size)

Description: Long before conventional toothpaste, there was tooth powder. The ancient  Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians used this to keep their teeth clean and breath fresh. This powder contains bentonite clay, natural sea salt, santurally procured baking soda, powdered stevia, and essential oils of clove, peppermint, and cinnamon. Not only will your teeth feel clean and polished, but your coffee and OJ will not taste horrible after brushing! Bentonite clay is renowned for “pulling” heavy metals and toxins out of your body, however if it comes in contact with metal, it loses it potency.

Directions: To use, dip wet toothbrush into the powder on the plastic spoon or pour powder onto a wet toothbrush and brush as usual.

First Impressions

I am a fan of bentonite clay but on my teeth, I was a little uneasy. I felt like the toothpaste maybe chunky in my mouth and be a weird combination. Although the tooth powder contains sea salt, it was finely ground into the powder so it did not have big chunks that you often see when using an exfoliating product on your face. The smell is a wonderful refreshing mixture thanks to the essential oils in this product. While I did not smell the cinnamon, I definitley smelled the peppermint. I found that dipping my tooth brush into the powder was easier (and cleaner) than pouring it on my toothbrush. I didn’t waste any product and I got a healthy dose of what I needed (we often use too much toothpaste anyway).


While brushing my teeth I instantly had the refreshing taste that I do with toothpowdernormal
toothpaste, but with the organic benefit. While it was weird for their to be no excess foam in my mouth, it still felt clean. As you are brushing, you will definitley taste subtle sea salt. I spit and rinsed my mouth and I looked at my teeth–boy were they shiny! I found myself running my tongue over my teeth over and over because I could not get used to the smooth feeling. The toothpowder was able to clean every crevice of my mouth. Brushing acheivied the same cleaning I usually obtain with brushing and flossing (you still should floss though!) I couldn’t tell you about coffee, but immediately after brushing I drank orange juice and it did not taste disgusting(the things I do for my readers!)

Why You Should Try It

Other than it being organic, this tooth powder makes me feel like I have recieved a professional dental cleaning everytime that I brush my teeth. It is able to clean and polish your teeth so even if you do bare minimum brushing, you will still have healthy teeth. This product is also cost effective. With the method of dipping your brush into the powder, you take the amount you need (no accidental overload or toothpaste spill!) If you are looking for a new toothpaste, pop on over to Nothing But Natural and try out some organic tooth powder instead.

Do you have a question about organic products? Do you want us to do research on the benefits of an organic ingredient? Feel free to comment and follow us!



5 thoughts on “Organic Tooth Powder-The Ancient Sea Salt Secret

  1. LproIsoFdyE says:

    Could a user – who believes in the efficacy of the product -of Nothing But Natural’s bentonite-based toothpaste provide some before and after pics? I’m looking for a reasonably priced and effective teeth whitening toothpaste or alternative product.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Navigate Your Life says:

      Hello! Unfortunately I did not do before and after pics. But, I reccomend that you go to Nothing But Naturals store page and talk with the owner. She will be able to give you more detail and is very responsive to messages!


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