Lesson #6: Bentonite Clay is Awesome

Product Review: Aztec20160303_113655 Secret  Indian Healing Clay

I have very sensitive skin. Sensitive as in I am not allowed to use fragrances and if I do I break out in an unappealing skin rash. With sensitive skin and adding Eczema on top of that, It is very difficult to find products that work for me. With all the moisture I have to put on my skin I sometimes develop disgusting blackheads on my nose. I was looking for a natural solution to this problem and I found it in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

What is Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay?

Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is like any type of clay. Clay draws out any pore clogging bacteria in your face, which makes it a great mask for those with acne or blackheads. What is great about this clay is that it 100% natural. It has no fragrance and no additives. The clay has been sun-dried to a powder form.

Where can you use it?

I have used this mask all over my body. The package boasts that you can use it for “facials, acne, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, chilled clay for knee packs, and insect bites!” Now I have only used this for my face, body, and feet and I have found that it has worked well. I have yet to experiment with its ability to calm insect bites but Summer is just around the corner! My mother who has oily skin, my sister who has acne prone skin, and I have all used this mask and we all love it!

How do you mix it?

The directions are pretty simple. The mixture needs  an equal amount of powder to liquid. So if you add one tablespoon of the clay powder, then you need to add 1 tablespoon of liquid (you don’t need much powder to cover your whole face). The reason I say liquid is because there are two options when mixing the clay–apple cider vinegar or water. Apple cider vinegar has many benefits and if you are looking to read more about it, then click here to go to the Bragg’s brand website (I love this brand and I find them very reliable). Personally, I recommend using water the first time you use this mask to be safe. Apple cider vinegar is usually beneficial to people with very oily or acne prone skin. Ultimately, you have to decide what is best for you and your face. Now back to the real stuff, now you get to mix your mask in a non-metal bowl and a non-metal mixing utensil! You want to mix into you have a nice, thick, and smooth texture of clay. If you are using apple cider vinegar in your mixture, then you will notice a little fizzing and that is perfectly normal.

How do you put it on?

You want to put this mask on pretty thick. The directions recommend 1/4 inch thick. I, like many other people, do not have a 1/4 inch measurement in my head so I go with this rule. You want to put this mask on so it is uniform in consistency all over your face. There should be  no streaking or patchy looking areas. After you are satisfied with your work, you now have to wait for the designated time based on your skin type.

  • Delicate Skin: 5-10 minutes/ 1 time per week
  • Normal, acne-prone, or oily: 15-20 minutes/ 2 times per week
  • *Do not use this mask every day.

How do you take it off?

By now your face is probably feeling really tight and you can barely talk. You will see that most of, if not all, the mask is dry on your face. Now it is time to rinse. Do not rub, pick, or use a washcloth to rinse off the mask! This mask is already very powerful and doing so will just add further irritation to your face. When you wash the mask off completely, you will notice that your face may be a little red. This is also normal and will go away in 15-30 minutes. Your face should feel clean, soft, and firm! Something to note is that since the clay draws out toxins from your face, some people reported having their face get worse before it gets better. My mother, my sister, nor I have ever had this problem but it can happen. Try sticking with it for a few weeks if you had no adverse reaction to the mask.

Do you have more questions about Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay? Have you used this product before? Please comment below!



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