Lesson #5: Succulents are Good for the Soul

When my boyfriend and I first starting dating and we were in the “lovey dovey, I shall woo you phase”, he bought me two little succulent plants. I had recently had extensive knee surgery and was feeling a little down. Although appreciated, I knew nothing about these plants and I decided to do some research about how to take care of them. From that day on I was the mama bear of these plants. I checked on them every day and did everything that multiple websites and Lowe’s experts (Shout out to Reggie!) told me to do. I must say, I discovered a new hobby and the picture that you see on this post is of my beautiful plant. I encourage anyone who wants a little plant to take care of to start off with a succulent. Why do you say? Here are a few reasons:

  • Succulents do not need to be watered every day. In fact, they don’t like to be in the wet soil.
  • Succulents come in an array of colors. Red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple–if you can name it, a succulent has it. One can easily make a beautiful rainbow display of just succulents.
  • Succulents generally do well under fluorescent light. Many workplaces do not have access to natural light, especially if you’re an intern with a lovely cubicle.
  • Succulents get as big as you want them to. The size of the pot is the size that your succulent will remain. So if you want a small desk ornament you can have a succulent! If you want a large floor plant you can also have a succulent!

Let me tell you some of the benefits I have gained from having a succulent or a plant in general.

  1. It makes you feel responsible.

    • I am caring for a living thing and it is actually healthy and growing. It is amazing how a little boost like that can affect your day. Every time I pass one of my plants I feel a sense of pride.
  2. It is calming.

    • I like to keep my succulents somewhere I can view them daily. Whether it is one my desk while I write these posts are outside and I can view them through a window, being able to see it brings a sort of calm to me where I can concentrate on my work.
  3. It is a fun hobby.

    • There is something strangely enjoyable about feeling the leaves of a plant and sticking your hand in a batch of soil (no gardening gloves for this girl!). You begin to learn all about the different types of plants and how you can help them grow. I have stayed up very late just researching different species and trust me, there is a lot.

If you need more convincing about the benefits of plants in your life, click here! If you would like to know more about caring for succulents, click here! Do you have tips on caring for succulents? Do you want to tell us the benefits you have had from having plants? Leave a comment below!



2 thoughts on “Lesson #5: Succulents are Good for the Soul

  1. Navigate Your Life says:

    Hello Bonnie!
    I know your pain as I had a cat do the same thing. Things that I did to keep my cat away have included:

    Sprinkling Cinnamon on top of the soil (this also helps kill fungus gnat larvae)
    Lemon Peels on top of the soil (they do not like the smell)
    Cayenne Pepper on top of the soil (they do not like the smell)
    Hanging Plants (Cats can’t jump that high! Make sure to hang it away from any furniture they can climb on!)

    The most successful solution was providing them an alternative plant! A lot of stores have “cat grass” which they can chew to their hearts content with no adverse side effects. Once placed in my home, my cat only went to it!


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