Lesson #4: Paid Survey Sites are Actually Legit

So I, like many other companions of my generation, am always looking for a way to make a quick buck. I have babysat, cleaned homes, picked up a dogs’ business, and many other chores just to make some extra money. While looking for ideas on how to make a quick buck, I turned to my favorite social networking site– Pinterest. Through my search, I came along the subject of Paid Online Surveys. I would see the pins titled, “How I made up to $600 through paid surveys!” or “Find Out How To Make Money for Your Next Shopping Trip!”. I decided to do my research and here are some of the basics about online paid survey sites.

What are Online Paid Surveys?

First and foremost the name pretty states what it is. It is a survey online that you are paid to complete. Pretty straight forward right? The one thing that is interesting about these sites is that their payment is in points and those points may be used to buy gift cards to a specific place or pay you through a service such as PayPal.

Are these sites safe to use?

I would do your research. Some sites claim to be safe and yet will flood your Inbox with spam surveys. The site I recommend for first timers (which I will go into detail about below) does not do that and is highly reliable.

What types of surveys are out there?

Like my post on Independent Films, there is literally a survey out there for everyone. I have taken a survey on what cereal brands I like to what color car I find most appealing and why. Most often, a site will ask for some general information to best match you to certain surveys. Sometimes you will begin a survey and you do not match the audience that they are looking for. Before you can waste your time, the survey will send you a message, redirect you to the next survey, or have you answer a few more questions to match you with another survey.

Will I be selling my information to companies?

In my experience, no you will not. The surveys will ask you personal information only for classification purposes. These questions might include age, ethnicity, household income, etc. When surveys do ask more personal questions you can choose to not answer. In my experience when I have chosen that option, the survey respects my wishes and does not automatically kick me out of a survey.

What site do you recommend?

I highly recommend that you get started with MintVine. This is a survey site that is easy to use and easy to gain points. When you first create an account on MintVine, it may seem daunting. Do not fear! MintVine often starts you off with several surveys (in a convenient Survey Inbox tab) which you can take to earn points. One frustrating thing about these surveys is that a lot of times you will not qualify for them (you might get a fun message saying, “It’s not you! It’s them!” which always makes me feel better). Do not let this get you down. I have been rejected for a 60 point survey that would have taken 15 minutes and been accepted for a 500 point survey that takes 3 minutes. I can say that I have been on this site for two weeks now and I have earned over 20 dollars in gift cards. Ten dollars per week, I will take it!

Do you have any questions for me about online paid surveys? Do you have any questions about MintVine? Leave a comment below!

If you are interested in joining click here!




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