Yoga Buzz: Taking The Fear Out Of Yoga

Magazines, health gurus, and your distant uncle always tell you about the benefits of yoga. With the ability to tighten, stretch, and tone every part of your body, yoga is as healthy as it is relaxing. However, many of us who want to try yoga don’t know what we are doing, how to start, or are self-conscious about our own bodies to even attempt yoga in a group. Yoga Buzz, a non-profit Saint Louis company, is changing all that. While teaching you the basics,  Yoga Buzz promotes positive body image and community engagement in each session.

Company Basics (taken from

Name: Yoga Buzz

Location: Various places in the Saint Louis, MO area (Coming soon to Kansas City, MO!)

20160531_180033.jpgMission: Join Yoga Buzz at one of our fundraising events in a variety of unique locations throughout the St. Louis area.  For experienced yogis, Yoga Buzz offers an opportunity to mix up your yoga practice by taking it out of the studio and into places like local breweries, rooftops, or vineyards. For those who have hardly ever unrolled a sticky mat, Yoga Buzz provides a laid-back, unintimidating environment to explore what the physical practice of yoga has to offer. For everyone, the post-yoga experience creates a chance to mingle and socialize, and perhaps even learn something about the local food and beverage scene.

Price: Free-$20.00

How is Yoga Buzz Different From Other Group Yoga?20160531_182815

Simply put–community and body image. While some individuals showed up with friends and family, there were plenty others who showed up alone, and soon were socializing at the end of the session as if they hadn’t. While some yoga places have you in a studio, at Yoga Buzz the city of Saint Louis is your meditation playground from the roofs of skyscrapers to the grounds of Missouri Botanical Gardens. After every yoga session, participants are invited to sample treats which can include alcohol, snacks, or desserts (or alcoholic desserts, because you know, why not?).

I am not in shape. Will I embarrass myself?

Whenever  a session advertises “For Beginners and Advanced (fill in skill here)!” I am always skeptical. One thing that I loved about Yoga Buzz is they actually stayed true to their word. Throughout the session, instructor and founder Elle Potter (She is fabulous and click here to find out more about her) clarifies that yoga is for your own personal growth. What is right for one individual is not necessarily correct for another. Yoga should never cause you pain or discomfort. Men and women of all sizes (height and weight) were present and were able to fully participate. As far as being self-conscious, everyone was concentrating on their personal growth and exercise. The only reason I would look was to snap a picture with my camera.

I don’t have the money to commit to something every week. Do I have to buy a package?

Yoga Buzz is completely flexible and you can buy classes on a session basis. Each session is different from the location to the after-session refreshments (I like alcohol with my yoga and Yoga Buzz respects that). Whether you are a morning person or afternoon, outdoorsy or not, yoga buzz has a session that will fit your preferences.

Does Yoga Buzz provide classes for children?

Yes! Yoga Buzz has children and family sessions. Obviously, these events are family friendly so instead of alcohol for parents, there will be ice cream or some other treat for the whole family to enjoy!

Why You Should Try It

Whether spinning, Zumba, or some other fitness craze, it is always good to do your research and have personal experience with a new fitness activity. Yoga is one of those exercises that encourage personal growth and development, rather than trying to keep up with the pace of a professional fitness instructor. Group yoga not only offers a fitness class but, a community of camaraderie and a connection with your community. I saw individuals joking about losing20160531_184107 their balance, needing a drink after class, or just plain laughing. With an ever-changing location, Yoga Buzz offers you a chance to experience your community while promoting personal fitness. If those all matter to you, sign yourself up for a Yoga Buzz class.


Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you enjoy group yoga? Want to see more from NYL? Please comment and follow!


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