Lesson #30: Simple Reasons Your Computer Is Running Slow

Everyone in their life will be plagued by a slow computer. When your unresponsive clicks ultimately lead to a frozen system, it can become very frustrating to the point where buying a new computer seems like the only option. Like your smartphone, there are easy things that you can do to make sure that your computer runs smoothly. No more frozen screens and lost files!

First, Perform A Speed Test.

There are many speed tests on the internet but you can find my favorite one here. In 2014, Business Insider published the average computer speeds by state. You can view their findings here, to compare with your own system.

Recycling Bin

All of us delete files from our folder and move them to the recycling bin and never think about them again. Although we delete files from our file folders, we are not deleting them from our system. These files are still taking up space on our systems and ultimately slow down your computer.

Solution: Simply go to your recycling bin or trash bin and delete all the files within. Be sure to check your recycling bin or trash bin before deleting to make sure nothing accidentally was placed in there!

Skill Level: Beginner

Web Browser History and Internet Cookies

browsing historyI always forget about my web browser history and my guess is that you do too. Almost every site that you use has cookies (a small amount of data sent from the site to your web browser while you are on the page). This data can pile up and slow down your system. Along with your system keeping a list of all the web pages that you have been to, those are so many things for your computer to remember!

Solution: Usually on the right side of your browser or within the Settings tag on the top bar of your internet window, there will be a section labeled History. When you click the History tab, there will be an option to delete all of your search histories.

Skill Level: Beginner

Disk Cleanup

For an overall system scrub and to kill two birds with one stone, I use my computer disk disk cleanupcleanup. Disk cleanup is able to consolidate all excess files in your computer and tell you the total amount that these files are taking up on your PC. While this is a handy feature, this should only be used if you know what ALL the files listed entail.

Solution: Simply type “disk cleanup” in your computer search system (usually found in the right-hand corner of your file explorer) and it should pop up. If you cannot find it, usually a quick search of “where is my disk cleanup on (insert computer system name here ex. Apple) on your preferred web browser will solve it. Your computer will then scan your drive and locate all files that they recommend deleting. Simply press okay and you are on your way to a cleaner system.

Skill Level: Advanced

Do you have computer problems? Do you have some computer tips that you would like to share? Please comment and follow!



2 thoughts on “Lesson #30: Simple Reasons Your Computer Is Running Slow

  1. Erica says:

    Wow, you have a really interesting blog! Great tips for having a faster computer 🙂 I also use an external hard drive to keep all of my media off of my laptop, it runs a lot better when it is relatively empty 🙂


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