Lesson #35: Deep Conditioner is Not A Miracle Worker

Deep conditioning is often the one hair care step that people forget about. Many people religiously shampoo and condition and wonder why their hair is not improving. Well, I am here to tell you how deep conditioning is the step that you need in your hair routine and these are the things to remember while you do it.

Deep Condition On A Schedule

We have all done it. We have purchased a miracle conditioner that says our hair will be beautiful, thick, and do the slow motion flip that is so popular with the commercials. One thing that people fail to realize is that 1) rarely is that the model’s actual hair and 2) women who do have that type of hair take care of it–weekly. That’s right. Many women only use deep conditioner when their hair is at a place of no return. Depending on your hair type, you may need to deep condition weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. But, the point is to stay consistent with your deep conditioning schedule.

Identify Why You Are Deep Conditioningtime-273857_1920

Is your hair dry? Is your hair breaking off? Do you have color in your hair? These are all the questions that you need to ask when choosing a deep conditioner. While in the summer you might need as much moisture, in the winter your hair may crave it. Keep your hair type in mind when choosing a deep conditioner. Curly, wavy, and straight hair (as well as thick and fine hair) have different needs when it comes to conditioning. Do your research about what deep conditioner will work for you.

Use Heat

Using heat to deep condition will make all the difference in the world. Heat aids in opening the follicles in your hair and allows the conditioner to work its magic. I use an electric heating cap that I can plug into any outlet. However, there are multiple products such as microwaveable caps or simply a shower cap and hairdryer. Without heat, conditioner will just sit on top of your hair and ultimately do nothing to condition the hair. To visualize this, imagine butter on a cold piece of toast. Now, some of the butter will melt into the toast but will all the butter sink in?–no, not compared to a warm piece of toast.

Be Patient

As much as we would love for our hair to do what we want–we know that doesn’t happen. Your hair will only grow as much as you take care of it (and biology, but it sounds better the way I say it). One thing that I always encourage people to do is to check their hair health and not their hair length. The whole #longhairdontcare is not as cute when those split ends start creeping up your backside. Everyone’s hair is different. Do not compare your hair to anyone else’s because it is as unique as you are!

Do you have a question about hair? Do you have some beauty tricks up your sleeve? Please leave a comment below!



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