Lesson#31: Rules For Going To A Food Event

I was recently received a press pass to go to Saucy Soiree, a food tasting event of all the best restaurants voted by reader’s in the Saint Louis area. This being my first food based event, I didn’t really know what to expect. I learned some things on how to get the most experience and enjoyment on trying new, exciting, and exotic foods at food tastings.

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4 Strategies of Starting A Conversation When You Are Alone

Sometimes you need to fly solo when going somewhere. A waiting room, the store, an obscure artist’sband concert–all of these situations are awkward when you don’t know anyone. I like to describe myself as a shy extrovert and these situations are often uncomfortable, but can be easily overcome. I am here to share with you the strategies I use to start a conversation, anywhere that I am.
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