Lesson #9: Cleaning Out Your Closet is Fun

Cleaning out your closet is a chore. Often times, through what I like to call closet disorganization, instead of throwing away clothes we often forget about them in the back of our closet. I have recently begun this process and I want to share with you how I clean out my closet and have fun doing it.

1.Put on some tunes

You need to get pumped to clean your closet. With music playing in the background, it will seem less like a chore and more like a fun activity. It will also help pace yourself to the beat of the music. Whether you want a rapid tempo of pop or some mellow easy listening, it will help you be productive and stay on top of your goal. Occasional dance parties permitted.

2.Pay attention to your reactions

I find that when a sentence begins with “Aw I remember this!” or “I totally forgot about this!” then you should probably give it away (either to Goodwill, a friend, or some other clothing donation organization, unless it is completely unsalvageable). I understand that some clothes carry sentimental value but if you are uttering these phrases, then the sentiment is probably not that strong.

3. Think about necessities

I have come to the point in my life where crop tops are fun, but I do not need 10 of them. Try and think about classic verses trendy pieces. To clarify:

  • Classic: These are pieces that no matter the time, they will never go out of style. These include but are not limited to blazers, blouses, quality jeans, polos, LBD (little black dress)
  • Trendy: Anything that is “in” this season. These can include but are not limited to ripped jeans, trendy prints, phrase shirts (YOLO, we all know that shirt).

While it is OKAY, to have trendy pieces think about when they were “trendy”. If the answer was a year ago and you still wear it then fine. If the answer is 2000, then it might be time to really think about if you need it or not.

4. You don’t have to do your WHOLE closet in one sitting

Sometimes it is best just to clean one section at a time. Try to take your closet one section at a time (drawers, left side, etc) or one item type at a time (pants, shirts, dresses, etc). This way you have a small pile of clothes to deal with and not a whole closet. When I clean out my closet I often do section by section for a week until complete. I am turning what seems like a 5-hour task to 5 one hour tasks.

5. When everything is clean, consider reorganization

There is no time like after getting rid of clothes to reorganize your closet. Whether it is coming up with a completely new system or simply moving things around, the best kind of closet is an efficient one. If you need inspiration for your newly organized closet, search the internet for closet organization ideas. Try and look for forums or blogs. As awesome as IKEA and some other furniture stores are,  sometimes their pictures provide unrealistic expectations.

Are you reorganizing your closet? Do you have questions or tips you would like to share? Please comment below!



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