Lesson #12: Baking Powder Makes Cookies Fluffy

I love to bake cookies–plain and simple. I will always try to experiment with cookies to see if I can find the perfect flavor combination. Although some cookies do well, being on the flatter side, (chocolate chip and sugar cookies for example) sometimes I want my cookies on the cakey side. So I began to do research and I found my answer–baking powder. I am going to share with you what baking powder is and what effect it will have on your cookies.

What is Baking Powder?

Baking powder is a mixture of several ingredients. It has baking soda and cream of tartar. Occasionally there are other ingredients in the powder but in my experience, I have found that these are the basic ingredients in the powder.

How exactly does Baking Powder do in cookies?

Baking powder simply pt allows your baked goods to rise and create a cakier texture. With baking powder, you can have a thicker chocolate chips cookie that is not so flat. In my experience, it has made the cookie keep its shape as well (but keep in mind I use a personal dough recipe). There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon but personally, science is not my thing and as long as my cookies turn at well I am a happy baker! Maybe I will go into the science of cookie in another post.

Can I substitute baking powder for baking soda in a cookie recipe?

Yes. I have never had an issue with simply switching the two. Keep in mind, I bake cookies so if you are looking to try the switch in another baked good, I would do my research. Every baked good has different rules. There are many baking forums online where people will discuss various recipe substitutions and how it will effect different baked goods.

Do you have any baking tips?

Personally, before I bake any cookies with baking powder I chill them until they are firm to the touch. When you put them in the oven, they spread very little which makes them ideal for when I want my cut out cookies to keep their shape. I plan on doing many other baking tips as I grow as a blogger so if you like cookies please stick with me!

Do you have any questions about baking powder? Do you have suggestions for cookie research or posts? Please comment below!



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