Lesson #11: Eczema is Annoying, But Not A Curse

Eczema is very annoying. There are many different types of Eczema but all have to deal with inflammation of the skin that can result in a dry itchy rash. Many people who suffer eczema often have to play a dangerous game with products that can possibly inflame their skin. Although annoying, it is possible to still have healthy skin by taking a few precautions. I am going to give a list of precautions I take that keep my Eczema in check while enabling me to have some variety.

1. No Synthetic Fragrances

There are a lot more fragrances in products than people realize. Detergents, body wash, face wash, and even shampoo all contain fragrances. These synthetic fragrances can often irritate and inflame the skin. Try and look for products with the phrases, “sensitive skin” or “fragrance-free”.

2. Look for National Eczema Association (NEA) approved products

On the NEA website ( link provided above, click on Eczema) they offer a list of all NEA approved products. The special thing about these products is that the companies had to apply for NEA approval. This is important in that the company has actively tried to create a product for sensitive or eczema prone skin. Whenever I need a new product I always go to this website first and search for their approved products.

3. Try Organic Products

If you can’t live without fragrance in your products, try organic products or natural products. In addition to using my NEA approved lotion, I will put some coconut oil on my skin. It leaves a lingering scent that is like a faint perfume. There are also many other oils which can benefit your skin and leave a nice lingering scent (make sure you buy organic oils!)

4. Turn down the heat

Hot showers are amazing after a long day but it is not amazing for your skin. Eczema and sensitive skin, more than any other skin type, can easily dry your skin out resulting in extra rashes and inflammation. If you must have steaming hot water, then limit your shower to a max of five minutes. If you use a mild temperature you can shower up to 15 minutes. A good indicator I like to use is if you get out of the bathroom and there is a noticeable “steam fog” in there, your water is too hot or you stayed in the shower too long.

5.  See a Dermatologist

If you are taking all the necessary precautions and still Eczema plagues you, it is time to see a Dermatologist. There are factors (such as allergies) that you are unaware of. Occasionally, rashes, even though cleared, can cause skin discoloration called Hyperpigmentation. Dermatologists can prescribe medicine (not available in stores) to aid in these types of conditions. Regardless, seeing a dermatologist once a year is critical for skin care.

Do you or a family member suffer from Eczema? Do you have suggestions or questions? Please comment below!



4 thoughts on “Lesson #11: Eczema is Annoying, But Not A Curse

  1. grayskymatters says:

    I actually use essential oils for this problem!! My son and I both have it and once I started using young living oils I no longer itch!


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