Lesson #15: Leftover Valentine’s Chocolate Make Wonderful Cookies

So I, like many other believers of Valentine’s Day, receive a ton of boxed chocolate. As much as I love receiving them there is honestly many flavors that I do not like or are too rich for me. I do not like throwing chocolate away like that so I decided to become inventive. I believe I came up with the perfect solution: Leftover Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cookies

1. If you have a chocolate diagram chart–use it.

I began separating the chocolates that were very similar (such as all the jam fillings in one pile. This way, I can keep track of what I am baking and when I serve them, can direct people . If there is a chocolate that you feel when not transfer well into cookie form, then it is okay to throw it away. In the base of chocolates with “fluff” in them. I cut open the chocolate, scooped out the fluff, and set it aside to top my cookie once they have baked and cooled.

2. Separate your dough into individual cookies.

Do not, I repeat, do not just dump all the chocolate into your dough mixture. If you believe that a certain kind of chocolate is not your taste buds best friend now, then your taste buds will REALLY dislike you. By separating the dough into round balls, it will enable you to distribute a certain chocolate evenly throughout the cookie.

3. Smash and Mix

Take an individual chocolate, “smash” or break it up a little, and work it into the individual cookie dough ball that you made. Make sure that the chocolate is mixed in thoroughly and that there are no big chunks of chocolate in the dough. Still keep your chocolate, nut filled, and jam filled cookies separate from one another.

4. Chill Your Cookies

If you read my earlier baking article, you know that I like to chill my cookies before I bake them. I believe it settles all the add-in ingredients in the dough. I would chill the dough for 15 minutes or until the dough is firm to the touch.

5. Bake Your Cookies and Enjoy!

I must admit that after I baked my cookies I appreciated that chocolate a lot more. Sometimes when chocolate is so rich it is overwhelming. By spreading the chocolate within a cookie, you create a new dessert and still get to experience the different flavor combinations.

Do you have questions about my leftover chocolate cookies? Have you done something creative with your leftover chocolate? Please comment below!


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