Bespoke Fashion Boutique: “Made to Order” Fashion, Reasonable Price

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Bespoke makes an impression from when you first walk into the store, but  also when you first go down the street. Cherokee Street, a historic shopping district in Saint Louis, is home to small businesses that display an “old town” aesthetic. Within the community is Bespoke Boutique, where Dorothy Jones and her husband, Mark Nevelow, have established their studio which brings back the lost art of personalized fashion.

About Bespoke

Address: 2650 Cherokee Street Saint Louis, MO 63118


  • Wednesday And Thursday (by appointment)
  • Friday and Saturday-12 to 7pm,
  • Sunday 12 to 4pm


Mission: At Bespoke, we start with a library of classic shapes that you customize by choosing the color, fabric, and finishing details. You can see some of these in our Gallery, and some of the infinite variations that change their look completely. The same shape transforms into something sporty, dressy, or all-business, depending on your choices and your needs.

First Impressions

When you first walk into Bespoke you are greeted by a clean, modern gallery, of custom designs. The fabrics go from elegant to funky and are not limited by what you initially see. Bespoke provides many fabrics of all kinds from the most delicate lace to sturdier upholstery, which are displayed on the walls of the workspace as well as their work benches. With the pleasure of working with Ms. Jones, you will be able to find an outfit you love and cherish. Although prices for the store are around $100.00+ for a dress, the price is ultimately worth it. While you spend the same amount for a department store dress that you “sort of” like, you can pay for a custom dress that fits your personality and style.

About Dorothy Jones

The fact that Dorothy Jones is a talented design and pattern maker is not the only thing that made Bespoke appealing. It is her commitment to the historical trade and its ability to transform a community. Ms. Jones is bringing back the ability for people to form their own fashion for their bodies, and not just “dealing with” what we are given. Through careful consultation and expert suggestions, she is able to craft a dress that will not only flatter your body type but, will create a cherished clothing item handmade just for you. Just speaking with her, her face lights up in talking about fabric, design, and the process of creating something beautiful. Through multiple consultations and fittings, she works with you every step of the way to make sure that you not only have a memorable experience at Bespoke but, a memorable creation as well.

About the Store

On the outside, Bespoke keeps with the old town appeal and boasts a classic 1930’s black and white tile façade. On the inside, a modern gallery with soft warm lighting and warm wood. With large open windows to showcase Bespoke’s window displays with their latest creations, the natural light illuminates the gallery and provides a calming atmosphere to get your creative juices flowing. Ms. Jones commitment to  a revitalization of Cherokee Street is not only clear in speaking with her, but in reviewing the effort put into the renovation of the former derelict building that is now Bespoke. In looking at an album displayed in Bespoke, the construction of Bespoke makes you admire the craftsmanship and Ms. Jones’ dedication even more. From roof rot to solar panels, Bespoke is an updated building with the latest green lifestyle with all green approved amenities in place. The expanse of the store  to the workshop area where employees take the utmost care to produce a high-quality garment.

Why You Should Visit

Many of us have the vision of the wonderful dress or top in our minds and search for a replication of it somewhere. If you find it, it is not in your color, size, too long, etc. My visit to Bespoke changed my view on what fashion is and how it should be. Fashion is about the person and their personal experience with their clothes. If anything, a visit to Bespoke will help you think about your own clothes and change the way you see your clothes. I know that I will be back, if not for the clothes, but just to discuss fashion and Cherokee Street with Ms. Dorothy Jones.

Do you want to know more about Bespoke? Do you agree with Ms. Jones’ fashion vision? Please leave a comment below!




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