OSO: A Style Lab; Where Creativity and Innovative Design Meet

Located in the heart of the Delmar Loop, OSO: A Style lab creates a new minimalistic space with intricate designs. From classic dress forms to innovative pants, all can be found at OSO: A Style Lab, where creativity is not limited by a classic form.

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About OSO: A Style Lab

Address:6321 Delmar Blvd University, MO

Website: http://oso.style

Mission: OSO: a style lab is a retail / creative space that encourages growth both locally + beyond by challenging pre-conceived sartorial boundaries.(taken from store’s Facebook page)

First Impressions

Greeted by a wonderful camouflage wall and pink moose hanging prominently overviewing the store, you understand why the store is a retail and creative space. With a modern design filled with unique clothing, I  find it very difficult to believe that you will find a store with similar merchandise as well as decor. The OSO: a style lab has male, female and unisex clothing that ranges from classic shapes to particular, unique styles. Jen Rieger ,one of the owners along with her partner Chris Rubin, greeted me at the door, handed me their fun “Name The Dressing Room” Contest and let me explore the merchandise.

About The Clothes

A simple way to describe the style culture of OSO:a style lab is not only on trend but, producing them before you have heard of them. While many would be overwhelmed with a purse that looks like it is jumping out at you (if you haven’t seen it yet, look at the pictures above!) There is no such thing as a simple t-shirt at OSO: a style lab where slogans, patterns, and designs are featured that convey to a particular crowd. I found that there were girly, rocker, feminist, and unisex t-shirts that can be dressed up or worn by themselves. Although these clothes can be classified as t-shirts, don’t let that fool you in regards to quality. The shirts feel amazing, are made of high quality fabric, and possess a noticeable sheen that creates a “this is more than a typical t-shirt” feel. Far from the typical spandex material that has become common in many stores, I found that OSO: a style lab possessed clothes that flattered your body but did not cling to it, which was quite refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I love spandex material, but when you want the skirt to possess a little breathing room, you have many options when you visit this store.

oso_knitundieMy Favorite Piece

My favorite piece in the store by far was knit underwear set by Knitty Kitty Clothing.  Coining the name “knitimates” these are the ultimate cozy wear. When you don’t want to put clothes on but still want that cozy feel, these come in handy! I plan on getting some in the near future. Nothing says a perfect night like a book, hot tea, and your Knitty Kitty knitimates.


Why You Should Visit

Discovering new styles is always interesting, especially when you can craft it into something that you would wear. It is possible to make a rocker shirt feminine and vice versa and that is apparent in OSO:a style lab. Their slogan is shown throughout their store where you can mix and match clothes to your heart’s content, experimenting with what appeals to you. OSO: a style lab is not just a new clothing store, but a fashion experience where you can fully immerse yourself in something new and exciting–letting your creative mind wonder.

Have you had an experience at OSO: a style lab? Do you know of a new opening in the Saint Louis Area? Please leave a comment below!


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