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Lesson #16: The Strangest Beauty Item Can Be The Best

Julep All-Natural Facial Konjac Sponge: A Review

I was recently sent this sponge through an Allure beauty box and I was instantly intrigued. I had never seen something like this and the idea of it arriving wet in a package and supposedly being a sponge was strange for me. Although strange, I am so glad that I tried this product for my sensitive skin. My skin has never been as soft, glowing, and healthy as it is after using this sponge.konjac sponge._ori (2)

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Lesson #11: Eczema is Annoying, But Not A Curse

Eczema is very annoying. There are many different types of Eczema but all have to deal with inflammation of the skin that can result in a dry itchy rash. Many people who suffer eczema often have to play a dangerous game with products that can possibly inflame their skin. Although annoying, it is possible to still have healthy skin by taking a few precautions. I am going to give a list of precautions I take that keep my Eczema in check while enabling me to have some variety.

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Lesson #6: Bentonite Clay is Awesome

Product Review: Aztec20160303_113655 Secret  Indian Healing Clay

I have very sensitive skin. Sensitive as in I am not allowed to use fragrances and if I do I break out in an unappealing skin rash. With sensitive skin and adding Eczema on top of that, It is very difficult to find products that work for me. With all the moisture I have to put on my skin I sometimes develop disgusting blackheads on my nose. I was looking for a natural solution to this problem and I found it in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

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