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Navigate Your Life is now on Pinterest! We understand that many of us use different social media platforms and Pinterest is just one of many. We hope that you follow us by either clicking the link above or by clicking the Pinterest icon on the main sidebar under the “Follow Us” section. If there is a certain platform you would like for us to develop next, please leave a comment below!

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Lesson #12: Baking Powder Makes Cookies Fluffy

I love to bake cookies–plain and simple. I will always try to experiment with cookies to see if I can find the perfect flavor combination. Although some cookies do well, being on the flatter side, (chocolate chip and sugar cookies for example) sometimes I want my cookies on the cakey side. So I began to do research and I found my answer–baking powder. I am going to share with you what baking powder is and what effect it will have on your cookies.

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Lesson #10: Stray Adoption is Rewarding

I know what you are thinking, who is the owner of this adorable dog? The answer is me. I am the lucky owner. Although Maggie (that’s her name) is happy now, she wasn’t always.

Maggie came into my home when she was only one year old. She was bait during dog fights so male dogs would become territorial and fight each other. She was shy, timid, and afraid of smooth floor surfaces (the fighting took place on concrete). Through love and time, she is now a loving dog who loves to howl, play, and take naps on her big plush bed. She will be turning 16 this April. The reason I am writing this article is to bring attention to the benefits of adopting a stray dog. Although having a pedigree dog is prestigious, there are some benefits to adopting a stray.

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Lesson #8: Renovating a Bathroom is Easier Thank You Think

I have recently decided to renovate my basement bathroom. The last time this bathroom was touched was around the 1990’s so it was not in the best of shape. As I began to research, I discovered that renovating is not such an arduous task as some might think. I continued my quest and I found some helpful hints to renovate your bathroom on a very tight budget (I am in college after all).

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Lesson #5: Succulents are Good for the Soul

When my boyfriend and I first starting dating and we were in the “lovey dovey, I shall woo you phase”, he bought me two little succulent plants. I had recently had extensive knee surgery and was feeling a little down. Although appreciated, I knew nothing about these plants and I decided to do some research about how to take care of them. From that day on I was the mama bear of these plants. I checked on them every day and did everything that multiple websites and Lowe’s experts (Shout out to Reggie!) told me to do. I must say, I discovered a new hobby and the picture that you see on this post is of my beautiful plant. I encourage anyone who wants a little plant to take care of to start off with a succulent. Why do you say? Here are a few reasons:

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