Lesson #14: Fruit in Oatmeal is an Art

I have decided to try to live a healthier life in the year 2016. My first task is to try to have a healthy breakfast (or breakfast in general). Upon doing research I discovered that oatmeal is a healthy and easy option when you are running tight on time. I have decided to try to get that extra serving of fruit and I will share with you how I discovered the wonderful world that is fruit in oatmeal.

Why I Decided To Eat Breakfast Every Morning

I have woken up tired. So I, like any other red-blooded person hit the snooze button. I always regret doing this as I have to chug down a protein shake in order for me to not become “hangry” (hungry+angry) by 10:00 am. As much I want to have toast, eggs, and bacon every morning it is sometimes just not possible. After researching, I have discovered many benefits from clear skin to a healthy immune system.

1. Fresh Fruit

So I first decided to cut up my fruit fresh  and put it in my oatmeal. While I did enjoy the crunch that it provided I did feel there was an inconsistency with the texture. The one piece of fruit that I did like fresh was bananas. They combined well with the hot oatmeal and the flavor easily distributed throughout the oatmeal.

2. Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit is pretty delicious as a snack but I absolutely LOVE it in oatmeal. It combines well with the oatmeal and still has the crunch that I like. As well as being delicious, this option is cheap! The price of one apple is the same as a lb of pre-sliced dried fruit. I am very lazy so having things come pre-sliced always saves an extra few minutes in the morning.

3. Nuts

Nuts in oatmeal are not my thing. The only nut that I liked in my oatmeal was delicious walnuts. Nuts, in general, are very cheap so if you do love nuts, add a handful to your oatmeal for a crunchy addition.

4. Re-hydrated Fruit

When you want fresh fruit but don’t have the fresh fruit budget, rehydrated fruit is the answer. But, it takes some prep work. First, to re-hydrate  your fruit, you must soak it in hot water for an hour. As you soak the fruit, it will soften and the water will get some flavor of the fruit. This is a good thing. You then use that water to make your oatmeal. You then have all the flavor, fruit, and healthy breakfast alternative that you would like.

Although I am still exploring more easy, healthy breakfast options, I believe that oatmeal is a pretty healthy start. Do you have ideas for oatmeal options? Do you want to have me try a breakfast option? Please comment below!



5 thoughts on “Lesson #14: Fruit in Oatmeal is an Art

  1. GraySky Matters says:

    I love overnight oats … I take:

    1/2 cup dry oats + 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk + chia seeds + flax seed + 1 drop Young Living Cinnamon Bark essential oil + 1tsp almond butter

    put all ingredients in a glass mason jar, shake and leave overnight. Top with fresh berries in the morning! You can make a few at a time for the week!

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